About DDC Limited

DDC was founded in 1993 and works on quality refurbishment and new build schemes within Greater London predominantly for commercial clients.


DDC Ltd is a family owned Company, and all shareholders work for the firm. Controlled growth has allowed the company to create a stable working capital base funded solely through turnover. Audited accounts are available on request.


DDC Ltd takes its environmental responsibilities as a Main Building Contractor seriously to both the immediate environs of the site and to the wider materials supply chain. We are keen to be associated with projects that  take a sustainable approach to mitigate their environmental impact.

A Skilled Team

We employ a high proportion of our workforce directly, so we know that they are appropriately qualified. We are committed to supporting ongoing training for our staff. We also work directly with a number of specialist subcontractors with whom we have longstanding relationships. 

Project Management

Senior staff follow each project through design to tender stage, the ensuing construction process and the post completion journey of the project. This approach allows us to ensure that knowledge is not lost in handing the project from one department to the next. From this understanding comes our ability to assist with appropriate suggestions and advice if relevant. Our sites are managed by either a site manager, site foreman or visiting supervisor as appropriate. All projects are additionally overseen by a member of the company's management team.

Partnering and Supply Chain Management

We have long standing relationships with clients, consultants, our staff and subcontractors. This enables us to develop a co-operative working relationships throughout the project hierarchy which enables us to be confident that our subcontractors and suppliers will give priority to our requirements. They understand that offering ideas that are to the client’s advantage will ultimately be to their advantage. As well as offering repeat business DDC offer our suppliers the assurance that we will deal with them in good faith and pay them in a timely manner. Our best efforts are made by our purchasing department to ensure that all materials through the supply chain are both sustainable and ethically sourced.